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Pitless Adapter

The pitless adapter is an important component of contemporary well system, whose function is to create an impermeable, but removable connection between the house’s water system and the pump underneath.


The main purpose of the adapter is to create a passage for the water to go up for usage. The pitless adapter is connected to the well casing where water from the pump passes through. It is joined to the well system’s submersible pump through a brass rope adapter.


Well pits were the most dominant system used before the advent of the pitless adapter. Though innovative during that era, well pits pose several health threats that it was soon considered unsafe for use.

Well pits were designed to prevent groundwater from freezing, but not to totally secure the water from contamination and foreign objects. The use of well pits began to decrease in popularity in 1985 when the pitless well adapter (sometimes spelled pitless adaptor) was introduced in the market.

Today, residential property owners no longer use well pits for their water systems but had to revert to the use of pitless adapters. The use and installation of well pits is also discouraged as it has been proven to be the primary reason of well contamination.

Households that continue to use well pits for their water systems are strongly encouraged to adhere to the use of pitless adaptors as a safer and reliable solution. This requires the installation of a pitless adaptor to the existing system and an extension to the well casing to go beyond the ground level.

Apart from the cleanliness of the system, future servicing of the well is another drawback with well pits. Well servicemen find well pits hard to maintain and fix. While this problem is common to well pits, it has also been addressed with how the pitless adapter is designed to work.

Future service involving the maintenance, removal, and repair of wells with pitless adapter installed is relatively easy and fast. Once pump maintenance is required, such as a pump change, the adaptor can easily be removed and replaced.

There are many designs and models of pitless adaptors available in the market today. These designs and models have slight differences with their measurements, but offer similar output. Common measurements include 1” and 1 ¼”.

Most adapters are made from brass, so durability and quality is guaranteed. In addition to the make and measurement, a special “O” ring is placed on the openings of the adapter to maintain pressure. 


well pitless adapter

 pitless well adapters

When looking for a replacement for a busted, leaked, or broken pitless well adaptor for your water well, checking the size of the casing should be the first thing to consider. The size of the adapter must conform to the size of the casing to form a perfect fit.


In most cases, casings with measurements 5”, 7”, and 12” can be fitted with a 1” adapter. Along with the measure of the well adapter should be its supported weight. Some can only support 900 lbs working load, while more robust ones can handle up to 2500 to 5000 lbs.


  pitless well adapter

  pitless adapter

  pitless adaptor 

The internet is a good place to start searching for a pitless well adapter, and we have included a few buying options in the pictures above. Manufacturers like Brady, Simmons, and Campbell are three of the most popular makers of pitless adapters whose products are available for order over the internet.


However, it is also very important to know that these adapters can weight between 1.5 to 3 pounds or more, so be sure to check if your purchase qualifies for free shipping.


  pitless adapter

  pitless adapters

  pitless adapters